Thank you for getting me through hell week brother!!
We all have our favorites in this industry and pretty much stick with it.

For the past few days we have been on a bore from hell.
Now I’m not a fan of the drill we used because of dependability issues which proved to be true. (I’m not bashing or even saying what drill ) it was the proper size drill for the shot.
We were drilling 42’ deep from road grade under the river, around a lift station and up a 30 percent incline.
The locator system that comes with it is good in my opinion.
The biggest issue was burning up batteries because of all the interference plus depth.

After multiple attempts we switched to my preferred unit and purchased the necessary adapters for the beacon housing to fit properly in the head.

We tried multiple high and low settings, channels and anything else we could think of to get the unit to settle down.
The unit locked up and our local dealer said they would overnight new box.

In the meantime, I called you Kurtis.

I took your advice and contacted Michael Young at Underground Magnetics.
Michael hooked me up with our area rep Patrick.

I explained the situation to Patrick and he was more than happy to jump in head first.

Now mind you, he knew we had a new box being overnighted and was still willing to be on stand bye.

Today we gave the new box a try and although it had better results than the previous one, it too failed. It showed the head being online and yet was actually 30’ off to the left and certainly not at the depth it showed. (That’s another story)

I called Patrick and he was on site in under 10 minutes.

A long story short........ ONE and DONE with the Mag6 from Underground Magnetics. It was flawless to say the least.

Hats off to you Kurtis for always being there and being honest.
Michael Young.... I can’t thank you enough for your support.
Patrick..... I’m speechless!!!!

Below is a picture of the structure we were going under and the target cone 600’ away from the drill.